Are you going to start a food service business? Then you need a professional kitchen. What do you need and how do you go about it? 

A catering kitchen is more than just the kitchen itself, it is also the laundry room, the cold room and the warehouse. And that includes high-quality catering equipment. Good catering equipment is the key to a successful professional catering kitchen. It will be a big expense, but it is really an investment in the future of your business.

Keep in mind the concept of your catering business.

What is the concept of your restaurant business? It’s important that you keep that in mind. The layout of your professional kitchen depends on it. After all, a fast food restaurant requires a different type of cuisine than an à la carte restaurant. In addition, the concept also determines the required capacity of your kitchen. How many visitors are you expecting? Will the guests stay for a long time or will there be a lot of follow-up? It is therefore important that you have already thought about your menu. What different types of meals will you serve? Do you need multi-functional equipment? Think about all of these types of questions and create a clear picture of your catering kitchen.

Think carefully about the layout and installation beforehand.

When you make a kitchen plan on paper, you must make sure that it is feasible in terms of installation. So also start with an accurate inventory of the available space and all construction/breaking options. Perhaps architectural advice is needed? When designing, also consider drainage and drainage points. In addition, you naturally want your employees to be able to work as efficiently as possible. To this end, it is important that the work tables and catering equipment are arranged logically. This is also known as routing. Create a logical route for your kitchen staff: from storage, preparation, preparation to washing.

For high-quality catering equipment, consult a professional supplier.

To buy your high-quality catering equipment, you can best contact a supplier who knows it. That way, they can give you expert advice on what should not be missing in your professional kitchen and you can buy catering equipment that suits your concept, use, needs and wishes. Nowadays, you can also buy your new catering equipment online. You can call or email most online stores for advice. Choose a supplier with an extended warranty and good service, such as technical service. That way, you can be quickly and easily helped in case of a defect. This makes your investment in hospitality equipment a real investment in the future of your business.

Also consider renting or buying second-hand catering equipment.

Is the professional design of your catering kitchen too expensive? Then there are ways to organise your kitchen professionally, but without that very large edition. For example, instead of new catering equipment, you can buy second-hand catering equipment. Maxima, for example, offers various second-hand catering equipment. In addition, there is always the rental option, where you “rent” the equipment for a certain contract period. You pay a fixed amount to the leasing company every month. 

Set priorities and be the first to choose your essential catering equipment.

You need different components for your professional kitchen: from the cooking wall, preparation and cooling to the kitchen. The right appliances differ from kitchen to kitchen, but there is almost always equipment that is indispensable for every professional kitchen:

A cooking wall with a cooking line, a deep fryer and a grill plate.

Cutting appliances, such as vegetable slicers or a meat slicer.

A professional oven, baking ovens, from hot air ovens to pizza ovens.

Heating appliances such as bain-marie, plate warmer, shaving dish, soup kettle, heat lamp or heated showcase.

Cooling, from refrigerators, bar cooler, refrigerated display case, freezer, to many other cooling options.

A professional dishwasher and sink, preferably one with a sink and flexible head tap.

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